Work Samples


Two key communication projects I undertook as the Director of the Northern Idaho Consortium for Higher Education were the IdahoGoes and Education Corridor public information campaigns. In addition to the collateral materials linked below, a significant public outreach effort was made entailing media interviews and public addresses to civic and community groups.

idahoGoes was a public awareness campaign of my own design. The link includes the original plan proposal submitted and approved, plus sample media: idahoGOES project plan (PDF)

The Education Corridor is a multi-institutional campus expansion project in Coeur d’Alene, ID. I oversaw the production, and drafted all of the copy, of this piece for the public rollout: Education Corridor piece Final July 8 (PDF)


During my time as the ‘morning guy’ and station manager at radio station KKDC, 93.3 in Dolores, Colorado, I wrote, produced, directed, and performed in radio commercials, comedy bits, and news reporting. All audio files were produced and edited using Adobe Audition software:

News Reports:

Local Radio Commercials (all voices mine):

Other documents:

Here’s a draft marketing plan I drew up for Northwest Arkansas Community College: Draft Marketing Plan NWACC


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